16 August, 2011

Havaianas Flip-Flops

Item Description:
Voted the best rubber sandals in the world! They are designed, marketed and manufactured in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Made from top-secret rubber recipe created exclusively by Havaianas, you will be walking around in a pair of ultra-high quality sandals. They are many knock-offs in the market, but there is no substitute for authentic comfort, quality and style.

Comes in various trendy colours.

Imported new with authenticity tags.

Colours Available:

1.) Black

2.) White

3.) Brown

4.) Navy

5.) Graphite

6.) Sky Blue

7.) Indigo

8.) Cyan Blue

9.) Shocking Pink

10.) Blush Rose

11.) Red

12.) Ice

13.) Lake Green

14.) Moss Green

15.) Forest Green

16.) Lemon

17.) Apricot

18.) Pumpkin

Sizes Available:

USA 5/6

USA 7/8

USA 9/10

USA 11/12


S$33.33 (exclusive of postage)

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